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Kris Carr

Not everyone is lucky enough to discover their calling early in life, but Susan Marrs felt drawn toward nutrition from the early age of 8. Though she went on to pursue a successful career in the commercial design and construction industry for 20+ years, Susan loved helping friends and family optimize their nutrition and overall health in her spare time.

Then one day, her passion became her savior.


How My Life Turned Upside Down

In her thirties, Susan started to get sick. She believes, however, she may have been in the early stages of gluten intolerance, even before she was noticeably ill. She moved to Miami for about three years to experience life outside of her home of Austin, TX.

While there, she became infected with Helicobacter Pylori from an establishment with unsafe food practices. The infection caused frequent abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, bloating, and eventually wore a hole into her gut causing leaky gut.

This turned to systemic Candida which riddled her with horrible joint pain, stomach pain, brain fog, and muscle weakness. She was at a loss. With the increasing severity of her symptoms, Susan went back to Austin. Things seemed to calm down due to less stress and diet change.

Then the spider bite came.

Along Came A Spider

For so many people, it’s the ultimate nightmare. One night while she was sleeping, Susan was bitten in three different places. At first, they looked like mosquito bites, but over the next few days, the bites turned into painful, swollen blisters. After enduring the worst pain she had ever felt, she ended up in the hospital. She remembers, it felt as if someone dug a lit torch into her leg. She was given antibiotics at the hospital before she was sent home.

At the time, they didn’t realize the spider bites gave her three complicated bacteria similar to Lyme Disease. As with Lyme, these bacteria proved difficult to kill. Her condition got progressively worse. At one point, she could no longer get out of bed due to her symptoms: muscle weakness, joint pain, stomach swelling, horrific migraines, blurred vision, burning extremities, nausea, and other flu-like symptoms. It was a struggle to find a doctor who would take her seriously. It seemed each one wanted to give her even more antibiotics and send her on her way. She felt like she was dying.


Finally, An Answer

After endless doctors and what seemed like a lifetime of pain and weakness, Susan found an amazing doctor in Dallas who practiced Naturopathic Medicine. At once, she ran scans and blood tests on Susan and found that not only was the H Pylori still present in her system but it had caused the systemic Candida. She also found the bacteria from her earlier spider bites were causing her pain and fatigue. When combined, all these factors caused major food allergies to gluten, grains, and some vegetables. With that final clarity, the healing process began.

It took Susan the better part of 2 years to feel even halfway normal. This was her first foray into using nutrition exclusively to heal her body. She muses, looking back, how nice it would have been to discover the Keto diet then. At the time, the gluten-free diet was mainly subtly flavored cardboard. With its aversion to grains, nightshade vegetables, and sugar, Keto would have been the perfect, sustainable solution. Alas, she hadn’t discovered it quite yet.


New Beginning

Fast forward to now, Susan is back and better than ever. She continues to struggle and flourish through a diagnosed autoimmune disorder. After trying (nearly) a million diets, she found Keto. She now uses the grain-free, sugar-free diet to keep her symptoms in check and has never been happier. Not only has Keto transformed her health, it’s easy to maintain at restaurants and during travel, it keeps her blood sugar balanced, and it keeps her energy levels high and her mind clear. Through her healing journey, Susan has cultivated a passion for Keto and loves to share her experience and (self-taught) expertise with the world.

Beginning and maintaining a healthy Keto lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, one of the best things about this grain-free, sugar-free diet is how easily you can integrate it into your everyday life.


The world is whirring by quickly. Most of us don’t have the time or energy to research the ins and outs of the Keto diet, let alone sort through endless reviews of approved products. Keto Life Market (KLM) is the premier online boutique and learning center for everything Keto. We cater to everyone from the novices to lifetime enthusiasts because Keto is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

There’s no need to grapple with this new lifestyle alone. KLM is a community. We’re here to support one another by providing streamlined online resources to support your offline health journey. From user-generated reviews to leading nutrition experts, you’ll find all the advice you’ve been looking for at KLM.

All in one place, you’ll find the best Keto:

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There’s something for everyone here at KLM.


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