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3 Health Benefits of Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has caught the imagination of millions of people around the world and how! With the diet having devout worshippers in the form of celebrities and socialities, it seems to have also caught the attention of the US military. The military is funding research to look into the potential of this low-carb, high-fat diet in helping Navy SEALs go deep diving underwater for longer time periods.

The ketogenic diet lowers the body’s dependence on carbs for energy and instead makes it turn to fat for fuel. Ultimately, using the process of ketosis, the liver converts fat to ketones on which the body is able to function normally. Not only does this help to burn the fatty deposits in the body which leads to weight loss, but it also has several other physical and mental benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them, shall we?


1. Helps in managing diabetes

Diabetes management can become quite simple if people with type-2 diabetes opt for a ketogenic diet. This diet ensures that glucose levels remain low – the spike in which causes the disease to worsen. In fact, researchers are still looking into whether adhering to a ketogenic diet can help diabetic people to be less dependent on insulin injections.

While aiding in weight loss, a high-fat, medium-protein and low-carb diet can also help in preventing the onset of diabetes in young people.


2. Might slow down aging of the brain

A ketogenic diet apparently keeps the brain young and healthy! Experiments conducted on mice have revealed that this diet enhances blood flow to the brain, thus slowing down the aging process. Additionally, it slows down the onset of neuro-degenerative disorders while boosting memory power and concentration levels after the body is acclimatized to the diet.


3. Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle

It has been observed that women with irregular periods due to hormonal imbalances got their cycles back on track after going on a keto diet.

Overweight women with PCOS have also found relief from the symptoms after switching to this diet.

A reduction in fat intake lowers estrogen levels in women which might adversely affect their menstrual cycles. That is why a ketogenic diet can be extremely beneficial for women because adhering to the ketogenic diet ensures good reproductive health while regulating hormone levels in the body.

So yes, going on the keto diet comes with a host of health benefits apart from helping you to manage your weight! While it might seem difficult when you start out on keto, it will become easier and you’ll start noticing positive changes soon enough. So what are you waiting for?

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