Heart health could be key to type 2 diabetes prevention

Heart health could be key to type 2 diabetes prevention



Diabetes type 2 (DM2) is the type of diabetes that develops as a result of lifestyle and researchers in the US have found evidence to link heart health to the prevention of it. Lifestyle changes and health choices that promote a healthy heart are important for people who are at risk of developing heart issues, and are generally advised for everyone.

Read on to see why researchers think this is key to preventing DM2.

What connects heart health and DM2?

Heart health is concerned with the best balance between the “good” and “bad” cholesterols and to get this, healthy individuals must work for it. Previous researchers have been able to show that people who are at risk of developing diabetes, the prediabetic, can avoid developing diabetes by undergoing a good deal of change in diet, physical activity which in turn improves their heart health. While some think a keto diet could help them achieve these goals, some professionals have suggested that a real-food diet as a state of ketosis could be potentially dangerous.

It was discovered that participants in the research study who had normal glucose levels when the study commenced all had a significant decrease in their chances of getting DM2; this happened after they made lifestyle changes that improved their heart health.

Dr JJ Joseph, an associate professor of endocrinology at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Centre, together with teams from the same Centre and the College of Medicine, conducted a research in which they followed up on some 7500 people who had had their DM2 incidence and their heart health monitored, and had been told to follow positive lifestyle changes in seven (7) areas viz; exercise, food, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels and in addition, to stop or reduce smoking.

The results were very revealing. Participants who had pursued positive changes in at least four areas mentioned above had a lowered risk of 70% of developing DM2 in the next ten years.

Dr JJ Joseph remarks on how the risk for DM2 reduced in people who had normal blood glucose levels, and who adhered to at least four lifestyle changes and yet the risk remained unchanged in participants who were already diabetic or prediabetic and had attained at least four of the lifestyle changes.

According to him “healthy people need to work to stay healthy” and the above is an inkling to this truth. Preventing DM2 by working to have a healthy heart is definitely better than having to work for heart health after becoming diabetic. Dr JJ Joseph also made comments concerning the “focus of doctors in keeping people healthy instead of having them come in as patients” (paraphrased).


More evidences are coming out to link a good heart with reduced risk of developing DM2 and more focus would be on this. Making little lifestyle changes could be the trigger that reduces the risk for developing DM2.

The research findings have been published Here