The Top Health Benefits of Green Space


Evolution has characterized many lifestyles with various negative health issues such as chronic stress levels, insufficient physical activity and exposure to various environmental hazards. The benefits of Green spaces which can be seen within natural environments such as playgrounds, dense forests, fields, simple garden spaces, tree-lined streets, or a humble backyard cannot be overemphasized in urban residential areas as green spaces tend to helps improve the mental and physical health of the residents. It also helps to provide psychological relaxation and alleviates stress while stimulating social cohesion and supporting physical activity.

Top Health Benefits of Green Space

  1. Strengthened Immune System

A research conducted in Japan shows the best proof that nature boosts our natural immunity. An exercise was conducted where many citizens participated in a practice called “forest bathing”. The participants were required to leisurely visit the forest. These leisurely visits increased the activity of natural killer cells which is a component of the immune system that helps the body to reduce the risk of viruses and tumors that would have had an enormous negative impact on their health.

In the study, the participants took a three-day/two-night trip to the forest, after which blood and urine samples were collected by the researchers on the second and third day of the trip and also on the 30th day after the trip. The result of this research was very significant in proving that indeed, nature does improve immunity.

The natural killer cells activity was significantly higher on forest-bathing days and the number of natural killer cells also increased long after the trip was over for over 30 days.

  1. Improve Your Mood and Attitude

Green Space is also effective if you intend to improve your mood and attitude. A study was conducted to compare athletic walking and meditative walking in forest areas, the result of this experiment when compared in both environments indicated that meditative walking generated more positive psychological effects than athletic walking. There was also evidence of lower frustration and increased brain activity in green spaces which was not the case for commercial and retail areas which had no trees.

Meditative walking in green space is also very effective in creating a happier mindset.

  1. It Helps You to Live Longer

Various researches were conducted in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and China and these researches discovered that people who live in the greenest areas of the country had relatively lower risks of mortality. Mainly a reduced risk of mortality from dangerous health problems such as respiratory disease, kidney disease, cancer, and stroke.

In conclusion, vegetative cover is of paramount importance and should be grown as much as possible as it offers various positive health and emotional benefits which go a long way in affecting individual views of life and creating positive intellectual and psychological resources.